Ever Heard Of Cabo Polonio? You Have To See This Wacky And Weird Place

Cabo Polonio is on a remote peninsula on the Uruguay coast about 6km from the main highway. There are no roads to get there, only paths through sand dunes. As a result, the only way to get to Cabo Polonio is by one of the official giant modified trucks to carry people there or by walking through the sand.

It’s a place stuck in the past. With no cars, electricity (except for scant solar & wind power), wifi, ATM’s or places that take credit cards, you feel completely isolated from the outside world. In the two days, I spent there I could feel myself descending back into the 90s.

Have a look at my photos of this curious place.

More info: thezeetree.com

The Cabo Polonio entrance sign at the bus station

Big Marley. One of the giant modified trucks.

Another transport truck to get over the sand.

On the way to Cabo Polonio

The backyard of a colorful hostel

Fire pit and chill area. It’s real chill here.

Arriving to Cabo Polonio

The central plaza of Cabo Polonio. Not very European.

The ‘streets’

Another street with some people painting a cool mural

A house entirely painted with a mural. Sweet.

Quirky houses with solar panels.

The lighthouse or ‘faro’ in Spanish

A peep north through the lighthouse porthole

The north side of Cabo Polonio

Pretty much most of the houses in Cabo Polonio

The south-west shore

Some seals hanging out

The south-west beach

New friends

Me contemplating climbing onto the “Al fin y Al Cabo” sign

A transport truck rippin it on the beach

Directions to Cabo Polonio on the walk back

Killing time outside the bus station for the transport trucks

Taking in the tranquility of Cabo Polonio

One final look at that beauty of a lighthouse