In The Far East – I Visited Olkhon Island

Olkhon is the biggest Island on Lake Baikal. There is no asphalt roads and electricity appeared ~10 years ago. Island is famous for beatiful landscape and shamanic culture. Main village on island is Khuzir. I was there this year and I took some interesting photos.

More info:

Around Irkutsk

You can get to the island only by ferry

One of this ferrys

Harbor on Olkhon Island


Khuzir village

Market and monument in the centre of Khuzir

Vernacular houses of Island

Rural atmosphere

“Shamanka” rock

Place of the shamanic culture

Orthodox church and beautiful Baikal

On Island we rent a bikes

Harbor in Khuzir

Abandoned ship

No-name village few miles from Khuzir

You are in wrong neighbourhood


Also locals

“Shamanka” rock

Local cat

Way to “Shamanka”


Local dogs

Return to Irkutsk…

Soviet Bus Stop I collected