Spent Summer In This Bubble Of Happiness And Ignorance, Known As California

It’s just another millenial writing about his travels. Flew to San Diego to work in a surf school for the summer. Ocean, sandy beaches, being barefoot 90% of the time, open minded people, lot of avocados. Lots of smiles and instagrammable sunsets at least once a day. 4 of us rented a van and made a two weeks long roadtrip that probably changed us in many ways. Here are some captured moments from a 24 year old student perspective, representing visual romanticization of my live for the time being.

And this is my final note on the day I left California:

“Gonna soon be leaving this wonderful bubble of happiness and ignorance, known as California. This is a shot from the first morning here. Lot of stuff happen since then. Like Rohingya people facing a genocide, devastating hurricanes, lord Orange basically declaring a war on North Korea (althought technically the countries are still at war). Everytime i bought a 5$ coffe here, i realized around 18 cents from that will go for U.S. military and not to mention anti-immigrant policies (did the quick math considering california 6% tax rate and ~60% of U.S. budget spent on military). I don’t think I’m gonna return to U.S. while this bigot is in charge. The “”president””, working only in favour of his family and his own class, willing to destroy the planet if it serves his personal interests. An ignorant bully. He should be considered as a next door schizophrenic and put into a suitable institution and who you only visit for thanksgiving because you kinda feel sorry for him. If you’re not concerned, you ‘re wrong.

Enough nagging now. Sun is out. Waves are pumping. Social responsibility fades again.”

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First impression: just gonna eat avocados and keep calling everyone ‘bruh’ until they accept me.

If californian summer was a pic

Parked the van next to a hot spring, instantly jumped in in the morning. At 0 °C, all 5 of my limbs were shrunk

Woke up at 4.30 for the sunrise hike. Hungover. Worth it of course.

The hills have eyes

Mammoth Lakes, but turns out bears are more common

I suck at skateboarding but you can’t tell from a pic so it’s fine

Mate missed his train.

Another perspective of an icon.

Our candy van. Parking it in front of an elementary school turned out to be a bad idea for some reason.

Mate making mates


The Route 66. Make sure to munch on a toothpick if you wanna have a real dialogue.

*consuela voice* ˝No no no!˝

Like Mike. It’s happening. It’s finally happening.

Soul surfer

Too cliche?

The Big Sur, but not the watterfall obviously.