These Pictures Will Make You Fall In Love With Medellin, Colombia

I spent two months in the beautiful and lively city of Medellin, Colombia. The place people call the city of eternal spring because it’s always around a perfect 80F or 27C.

There were gondolas, salsa bars, bandeja Paisa to eat, gunpowder games to play, and fantastic people. All of this in a city in a vally surrounded by mountains.

Enjoy my photos and don’t forget to check out my website below for more!

More info:

Staring up the sky at an art installation in central Medellin

Learning the history of Medellin on the a walking tour

A plaza in the city center

An incredible sculpture about the independence of Colombia

A street in the city center

A man selling ‘chiclets’ and cigarettes.

Just one of the amazing murals in the city

A view down into the city from the gondola

Another great mural in what used to be the most dangerous neighborhood in Medellin

Waiting outside to see a high energy football match

Central Medellin

Another look down at the city from the gondola

More cool street art

A toucan