What It’s Like To Live In A New Country Every Month

We are Chanel & Stevo and we’ve been on the road for over 3 years now. What started as a dream to see as what this world has to offer over a 1 year journey ended up as the two of us living in a new country every month. We slowly make our way around the globe 1 country at at time. Immersing ourselves in its culture as much we can. The way we travel has evolved over the years. At first we volunteered our way around, working in some unique places like a Husky Lodge at he top of Norway. These stays were anywhere from 3 -8 weeks. We have some great stories about these days. The second year was a jet set mission bouncing from country to country as many as 3 in one day. We wanted to see an photograph as much as possible and we made our way around the globe for a second time. Now though, the aim of our travel is to slow things down a bit and stay in places for longer. We still have times were we travel like mad for a week (that’s part of the deal when you are travel filmmakers and photographers like us) but now we try immerse ourselves in a culture for 4 weeks at a time and then we move on.

As in every lifestyle there are pros and cons and this is what we have learnt and some of things we have observed.

The PROS to living in a new country every month.

Everything is new. All the time.

It’s hard to get bored.

We spend 365 24/7 together. Having your closest mate with you all the time is a blast.

Having access to new and different kinds of produce. There is always something thrilling walking into a supermarket in a new country. Japan comes to mind as one of the best.

You have the opportunity to make new friends from different cultures.

Nobody knows you, you are a blank canvas and you can be anyone you want to be.

You get to see how people from opposite side of the world live. From remote Icelandic islands to box hotels in Vietnam.

Your mind is positively stimulated everyday.


You have to try learn a new language every month. Yes English is spoken everywhere but we have been in many situations where a few local words helped us out.

We spend 365 24/7 together. It’s a con as well as a pro. We still try and do things independently each day like exercising or shopping but for the most part we’re glued .

We have to quickly learn the culture in order to best understand the place we live in.

Rent is high. When we rent an apartment it’s comes at a price as we’re only short term tenants.

Uncomfortable beds and small showers. Unless we stay in a high end apartment there is no real guarantee that the bed will be comfy and the shower will have a shower head that works.

Eating healthily is tough. Every new county has different produce and stocking the fridge with all the essentials to make a great meal is harder than you think.

Strong relationships are hard to come by and you have to say goodbye way to soon.

You miss your friends and family.

Having a routine is almost impossible. Packing up and moving every month takes its toll on the body and mind.

Dealing with currency conversions and banking is sometimes confusing.

Changing time zones messes with your body clock.

Flying. Flying is super tiring.

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