Why Is Field Biology The Most Beautiful Job In The World

Traveling to the most beautiful places in the world is everyone’s dream. But, to some people, it is a job. Field biologists go to every nook and cranny of the planet, discovering new species and working with some of the most exotic animals in the world. I was lucky enough to take part in such research, mostly studying colorful, yet poisonous frogs in the Amazon and Madagascar rain forests.

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Fallen trees are natural bridges

Canopy research in the Andaman islands

Wading in almost inpenetrable jungles of the Amazon rainforest

Sleeping safely in a mosquito net in a research station in Sri Lanka

A wild river on the eastern slopes of the Andes

Washing in an Andean rive

Checking for venomous snakes

Local transport

Office in a jungle research station

Admiring huge trees

A simple lodge in the Amazon rainforest

Practicing blowgun called cervatana

Resting on a boulder in the jungles of Madagascar

Enjoying the virgin beach in Masoala, Madagascar

Enjoying virgin beach in Masoala, Madagascar

My friend

My new friend


My new friend

Taking a break from research

On a dry waterfall

In the salty mud of coastal mangrove forests

Our dinner in the jungle

Discovering new friends

Evening relaxation on the sandy beach on the wild coast of Madagascar

Crossing a newborn torrent after a tropical rain

Need for proteins after days of meager vegetable meals

Dawn transport

Jungle hairdresser

Wading in a muddy river

Our camp in the village

Transport through the jungle on an old railway

Crossing a “bridge” in Madagascar

Crossing a “bridge” in Madagascar

A ferry in Madagascar

Being a one-day teacher in a school in a remote village in Madagascar