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Referring to the famous tourist attractions in Taiwan, it would definitely be a huge omission without mentioning Taipei. Taipei is the most obvious demonstration of sayings “small but with martial arts”. One of the most famous tourist cities in Taiwan, although the area is not large, but Taipei has many wonderful places to visit, play, entertainment and beautiful scenery, modern and spectacular architecture buildings, many old quarters bearing bold architecture of China, along with the rich and diverse cuisine … has attracted many visitors to visit. Follow Living Nomads to explore Taipei’s travel experience from A-Z and prepare for your journey right away. Let’s check it our Taipei blog (Taipei travel blog) — The fullest Taipei travel guide blog for a wonderful trip to Taipei for the first-timers.

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Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂). Taipei, one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Asia and the world.
Ximen Red House - Ximending,taipei
Ximen Red House – Ximending Old Street, Taipei
The narrow roads, 2 meters wide, consists of granite-covered steps that are unique to the ancient village of Jiufen.
The narrow roads, 2 meters wide, consists of granite-covered steps that are unique to the ancient village of Jiufen.
Street food vender
Street food vendor

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Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup. The must eat food in Taipei

Taipei blog: When is the best time to visit Taipei?

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

With the topography of the basin, under the influence of subtropical climate, Taipei has quite similar weather in North Vietnam with 4 distinct seasons: spring – fall – autumn – winter. Each season has its own characteristics, depending on your preference you can visit Taipei any time of the year.

Cherry blossom at Wuji Tianyuan Temple, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Credit image: taipei blog.

But with our Taipei travel guide blog, we recommend you should come here in the spring (February – April). This is the best time to visit Taipei to enjoy fresh air, fresh breeze of flowers and unique festivals. Or fall (September – November) to admire the romantic scenes of the natural forests change the leaves, change the color and enjoy the cool weather, pleasant …

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Autumn’s Taipei is beautiful and romantic isn’t it?

In addition, in July – August Taipei is often rainy and stormy, so to be safe, you shoul consider before deciding to come here on this time!

Taipei travel guide blog: How to get from Taipei Airport to City Center?

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

To getting from Taipei Airport to the city center, you can choose one of the following transportation vehicles below:

Bus: You go to the airport bus station on B1 floor to buy Kuo-kuang 1819 ticket. The ticket price is 125 NT$, the last stop is Taipei Main station. Suitable for those who carry more luggage and go with a few people.

Kuo-Kuang bus
Kuo-Kuang 1819 bus

HSR high speed train: First you need to reach B1 floor to take the bus 705 to HSR Taoyuan station. Then take the HSR to the city center. The final stop also is Taipei Main station. The bus ticket is 30 NT$ and the HSR is 160 NT$.

Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T
Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR 700T. Picture: taipei travel blog.

Taxi: You can catch a taxi at the airport exit gate, however, the price is expensive, from Taoyuan Airport to the city center will take about 1400 NT$.

taipei taxi taipei blog taipei travel blog

Shuttle Bus: If you are traveling with lots of luggage and large group, it is advisable to use this vehicle type, they will take you to the hotel’s door. Four-seat cars with price range from $27 – $31, while eight-seat cars are $37 – $40.

MRT: The MRT transportation system covers all of Taipei, very fast and convenient. From Taoyuan Airport to Taipei center you need to go to MRT purple line, the fare is 160NT$/trip.

Transportation in Taiwan by HSR high speed train23
The HSR and MRT systems of Taipei are very convenient.
taipei mrt map
Taipei MRT map

Taipei blog: Getting around Taipei

The transportation system in Taipei is very developed, modern, there are many means of transportation in the inner city and to the attractions for your choice such as bus, subway, bicycle, taxi … But most visitors use Buses, MRT and THSR High Speed Train are the main means of transport because they are cheap, convenient and fast.

mrt taipei
MRT Taipei

If you want to move quickly you can use THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail). You can visit some of Taiwan’s famous landmarks such as the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Sun Moon Lake in Nantou and the Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung, etc… Because all of these places are in the traveling stop point of high speed train THSR. In addition, THSR is the bridge between the cities from north to south so you can fully enjoy all the famous places along the island of Taiwan.

taiwan high speed rail hsr thsr taiwan (2)
THSR Taiwan, fast and convenient way to getting around Taiwan.

When visiting Taipei, you should buy an Easy Card to save on travel expenses. The special feature of this card is that it is not only used to pay for the train but also pay for some items at 7-Eleven or Pizza Hut. You can buy a card at the subway ticket counter at the airport and deposit 100NT$ to use the card.

easy card taiwan
Use this card if traveling by public transport. Picture: taipei travel blog.

Taipei blog: Where to stay?

Shangri La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel

Taipei Main Station, Ximending and Zhongshan Station are the areas where located many quality, safe and cheapest 2 – 3 star hotels in Taipei. Not only that, these are the busiest places, most convenient transportation and the most diverse dining. These areas have the best hotels, guesthouses, motels in Taipei.

Hotels in Taipei are very convenient, clean and quality
Hotels in Taipei are very convenient, clean and quality. Credit image: taipei blog.

Depending on your needs you can choose hotels, motels, dorm or Airbnb. Rates of 2 – 3 stars room in these areas range from 2,500 – 3000NT$ / double room / night. While, Airbnb and dorm rooms ranging from 300 – 1000NT$ / person.

Taipei blog: Best places to visit and top things to do in Taipei

Taipei 101 Building

taipei travel blog taipei blog taipei taiwan
Taipei 101 views from Elephant Mount

The administrative center, symbol of Taipei. Come to the observatory in the evening to get the full beauty of overwhelmed when the city sank in the brilliant orange of the sunset! Then go to the Din Tai Fung restaurant to enjoy all the most delicious Dimsun.

How to get there: MRT Taipei 101 station, Exit 1.

taipei 101-things to do in taipei1

Observatory Taipei 101

taipei 101-things to do in taipei3

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This place is not only a place to commemorate the leader of the Republic of China – Chiang Kai-shek. It is also a unique and grand architectural work consisting of gardens designed in ancient Chinese style, cultural houses, squares … In the memorial area also displays a lot of artifacts, images and materials related to Chinese history under the leadership of Chiang Kai-shek.

How to get there: MRT Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Exit 4.

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Picture: taipei travel blog.

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Before the war, this place was a famous winery. After the war ended, the government revamped it and turned it into a “art workshop” for talented young artists. Numerous exhibitions and art activities are regularly held here. Young visitors really love this area, because they are going to produce extremely “so deep pose” photos.

The outside area of Huashan 1914 Creative Park
The outside area of Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Credit image: taipei blog.

How to get there: MRT Zhongxiao Xian Sheng Station, Exit 1.

Songshan Cultural & Creative Park

Songshan Culture and Creative Park 2

Like the 1914 Huashan Creative Park, the Songshan Creative Park was an old tobacco factory, then converted into a performing arts venue for artists. At here, this place is divided into separate areas, Songshan Creative & Culture Park is also the place to display and sell the unique products of fine art industry; We highly recommend you should visit here, a place to sell a variety of lovely accessories … Inside there is the famous Eslite bookstore.

How to get there: MRT Sun Yat Sen Station,Exit 5, walking around 10 minutes. Lane 553, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, via entrances 1~3.

Songshan Culture and Creative Park Coffee&Souvenir Shop
Songshan Culture and Creative Park Coffee&Souvenir Shop

Taipei City Hall

taipei city mall

This is a commercial district in central Taipei, very close to Taipei 101. In this area, you will find all the finest, most luxurious brands. In addition, the area also often has street performers performing, walking around the area very interesting.

How to get there: MRT Taipei City Hall, Exit 2.

Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping Street

Zhongxiao dunhua shopping area
Surrounding Zhongxiao dunhua shopping area

The shopping area for young people, focus on your favorite clothes such brands such as ZARA, Uniqlo, GU, F21 …. Around the alleys there are also many shops selling quality fashion clothing. Compared with TAIPEI CITY HALL, this area is suitable for pocket money with young travelers./p>

How to get there: MRT ZHONGXIAO DUNHUA, exit 4 or 2.

Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area
Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area
Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area
Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area
The cute coffee shop in Zhongxiao Dunhua
The cute coffee shop in Zhongxiao Dunhua

Ximending Night Market

Ximending night market at taipei

It is also an attractive area for young people to shop and visit. Ximending is younger, more popular and also more food and drink. Come to XimenDing you will definitely buy a lot of items as gifts to bring home. There is a very famous pineapple bakery.

How to get there: MRT Ximen, Exit 6.

at Ximending night market, Taipei
California Fitness at Ximending night market, Taipei
Shopping at Ximending Night Market, Taipei
Shopping at Ximending Night Market, Taipei. Credit image: taipei blog.

Yongkang Street

yongkang street

The neighborhood is very popular with tourists, especially with Japanese and Korean tourists because the neighborhood still has preserved traditional Japanese architecture. It is also famous for mango shave ice and Din Tai Fung’s original restaurant of this chain. In addition, there are a lot of good restaurants along the two sides, many of which are ranked by CNN as one of the best restaurants in Taipei that anyone traveling alone should try at least once.

How to get there: MRT Dongmen Exit 5.

Gao Xiong Po Po Shaved Ice
Mango Shave Ice

Raohe Night Market

Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei
Raohe St. Night Market, Taipei

The most famous night market in Taipei for the variety of junk food, snacks, from Jipai (Taiwanese fried chicken), stinky tofu, grilled beef, goat herbal soup, to bubble milk tea, fruit juice, ice cream… Nothing in Raohe does not exist. As a market lover of the night, RAOHE is must go.

How to get there: MRT SONGSHAN, exit 5.


Raohe Night Market
Raohe Night Market food vendor
Stinky Tofu - hong kong5
Stinky Tofu

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market (Taipei)
Shilin Night Market (Taipei)

Shilin is the largest and most famous night market of Taipei, located in Shilin District, conveniently close to the Jiantan MRT Station nearby. Shilin is famous for its wide variety of traditional Taiwanese dishes as well as fashionable clothing. Most of the shops are in the building, but you can also see a lot of shops and stalls along the street. Some of the famous snacks at Shilin night market such as: Sticky Rice Sausage Rolls, Oyster Omelette, fried chicken fillets and bubble milk tea…

How to get there:
– By subway: Take the Taipei MRT Danshui-Dong route, to Jiantan subway station.
– By bus: Take the bus No. 15,16,17,18,19 to Yangming Theater stop.

Shilin Night Market, Taipei
Shilin Night Market, Taipei at night
Shilin Night Market Food Court
Shilin Night Market Food Court. Credit image: taipei blog.
Shilin Night Market
Picture: taipei travel blog.

Shilin Night Market, Taipei (2)

Shilin Night Market, Taipei (2)

Xinbeitou Hot Springs

Grand View Resort

During the Japan occupy Taiwan, the area surrounding the Beitou Hot Springs was built into high-end resorts and resorts as well as tea rooms and public baths for the crowds. Beitou’s distinctive is still preserve the ancient architecture of Japan, and in the center of the town there is a lake of mineral water smoked throughout the year, such as entering into a fairyland. The lake surface with bold turquoise, smoke cleared white and fly up high in each wind. Very magical (however, you will smell a pungent odor due to minerals in the lake).

Beitou Thermal Valley aka Hell Valley

Natural hot spring water rises from Hell Valley in Taipei, Taiwan's Beitou hot.
Natural hot spring water rises from “Hell Valley” in Taipei

xinbeitou hot springs public baths

In addition to some public baths, there are also hotels in Beitou that offer private bathroom services with rooms for backpack travelers who want to have private moments of relaxation.

private hot springs
Private hot springs room. Credit image: taipei blog.

Getting there: Take the MRT red line to Beitou Station, change the shuttle line to Xinbeitou.

Port of Tamsui

Danshui (Tamsui) spots in Taipei1
Tamsui Port

About 40 km far from north of Taipei, Tam Sui seaport is home to many restaurants, shops, cafes and street vendors, from low to high. Sometimes, street art shows will be held here. Especially, it only takes about 80NT$, you will have a tour to Tamsui Museum, Hai Tamsui House Museum, Hongmao Cheng and Hobe Fort.

Getting there: MRT red line last station Dan Shui.

Danshui (Tamsui) spots in Taipei2

watch sunset-tamsui
Stunning sunset in Tamsui. Credit image: taipei blog.

watch sunset-tamsui1

watch sunset-tamsui3

Maokong Peak

Photo: taiwan travel guide blog.
Credit image: taipei blog.

Known as the place to enjoy tea and watch the most beautiful scenery in Taipei, Maokong is an ancient village located on the top of a mountain in Taipei. It is also famous for its dishes made with fragrant and exotic tea leaves.

Maokong Gondola,taipei (1)

Getting there: MRT Taipei Zoo, then take the Maokong Gondola cable car, to go up and watch the scenic mountain (ticket: 120NT$ / trip).

Jiufen Village (or Chiufen)

chifen jiufen village

The ancient village is located outside of central Taipei, in New Taipei City. This is a small village located on a high mountain, it will take 1 hour 30 minutes away from Taipei to reach here. Considered to be the inspiration for Ghibli’s most popular animated film: Spirited Away. Jiufen is famous for its red lanterns, ancient streets filled with snacks, and many mysterious little street corners.

JiuFen Old Street 3rg

16 Shuqi Road (豎崎路) Jiufen Old Street (九份老街) @ New Taipei [Taiwan] (Large)
Shuqi Road (豎崎路),

ah mei teahouse jiufen village chiufen village jiufen travel guide jiufen blog

jiufen village chiufen village jiufen travel guide jiufen blog
Image by: what to do in jiufen blog.

Getting there: The Bus 1062 pick up at MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing, 1 hour for 1 trip, fare 100NT$ / trip, the last trip from Jiufen to Taipei at 7pm, travel time: 1h30 minutes.

jiufen street food
Credit image: taipei blog.


Shifen -taipei1

Shifen is an ancient village located on the old coal-transporting railways of Taiwan, now being restored for railway tourism and Tian Deng lighting. Lanterns in the Old Town are a very common thing. Once used to signal to people living and working in the railway industry, today’s visitors draw their wishes as well as calligraphy lines before dropping into the sky.

Shifen -taipei5

Getting there:
+ By bus: Take MRT to Muzha Station and then take bus 15 to Shifen, only has 12 bus trip / day.
+ By train: Take the East Line to Ruifang Station and transfer to Pingxi Branch Line, then to Shifen Railway Station.

Shifen -taipei2

Nanya Rock Formations – Bitou Cape Recreation Area – Sandiao Cape Lighthouse

bitou cape park in taipei lighthouse2

Is one of the “3 northernmost tip of Taiwan”. From here, you not only feeling it difficult to understand in front of the weathered and abrasive terrain with steep cliffs, strange steep slopes, bizarre fossils and the road connecting the northern tip of the virtual magic … There are a stone paved road leading to the cape, from here watching the sky and the sea unprecedented splendor. From here, walking a little to the east, you will meet the cape lighthouse of Bitou, considered to be the eyes of the Pacific Ocean, more than 100 years old of history, standing in the midst of the sky. This is definitely the place to watch the most beautiful sunsets in Taiwan.

Nanya Rock Formations
Let’s spend a day to conquer this place

Getting there: The north-east line of Taipei is quite difficult to go, and few public transport, so the quickest and the most convenient way to visit all of these points in one day is to follow company tours for one day itinerary.

bitou cape park in taipei lighthouse

Yehliu Geological Park


Yehliu Geological Park is famous for its bizarre rock formations, historic fossil sites and very funny names. The names of the cliffs are based on the imagination of its shape, such as Fairy’s Shoe, Mushroom Rock, Japanese Geisha, Candle Rock, etc. The most prominent and can not be ignored is the Queen’s head…

Yehliu spots in Taipei2
Queen’s head


Getting there: By bus: Go to the Taipei West Bus Station – Terminal A, find Kuo-Kuang ticket counter to buy tickets to Yeliu GeoPark, ticket price ~ 100NT$, half hour for a trip, travel time 1 hours 30 minutes.


Yehliu spots in Taipei1

Taipei EYE Show

taipei eye show

It is the place to experience the extremely spectacular dramatic live performances of traditional Chinese art. You will be able to enjoy the puppet performances, lion dance, acrobatics or folklore of Taiwanese folk … Thousand years of Chinese art and drama are performed right in front of you.

taipei eye show

Taipei Sightseeing Bus

Take the 2-floor Sightseeing Bus to getting around the city
Take the 2-floor Sightseeing Bus to getting around the city

This is the cheapest way to getting around Taipei. From our self-sufficient travel experience to Taiwan, the great point of bus sightseeing to visit Taipei is that you can stop at any station to explore, take photos, check-in, and return to take the next bus to goin on. 30-40 minutes has a trip. Buy 1 ticket pass 1 day, climb the car, climb down the car. Relax all day.

Taipei blog: What and where to eat?

taiwan food trip 3

Bubble Tea: Visiting Taipei is an opportunity for the “Tea Devotees” to taste the original flavor of this “divine” beverage.

Chen San Ding bubble milk tea

Stinky Tofu: Although it smells inconceivable, but stinky tofu is delicious. Almost of diners who have tasted this dish have claimed they can eat more no matter how much it stinky.

Credit image: taipei blog.

Stinky Tofu - hong kong3

Beef Noodle: Referring the delicious foods, famous in Taiwan, you can not ignore the beef noodle, super delicious dish, conquer many diners even the most difficult. The process is quite simple, using beef bones and beef tendon stewed to make the broth and then put the pieces of beef + vegetables on top of bowl is finished the dish already. Although the dish is a bit simple, but with the local spices of this land have created an attractive flavor of the dish and become a favorite dish for many people in Taiwan.

taiwan beef noodle soup
Taiwan beef noodle soup

Pan Fried Buns: Made from flour, potatoes and minced meat, with the process is extremely simple, but the cake is a local specialty that everyone loves.

pan fried buns

Street Food: You can go to the night markets to eat “whole” Taipei.

taiwan street food
Taiwan street food

Braised Pork Rice: Considered to be a delicious, attractive dish in Taipei, is beloved by a lot of people, especially tourists. With simple process formula, only from the pork belly slices, cooked together with the five tastes sauces, but it creates a delicious flavor, extremely attractive. For your enjoyment you can walk along the street in Taipei, you will catch so many restaurants sell this dish, but the best is Jin Feng Rou Fan.

Lu Rou Fan (2)
Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice)
Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice)
Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Rice)

Suggest some good eating places, cheap for you:

Din Tai Fung: The most popular Dimsum restaurant in Taipei.

Dimsum Din Tai Fung Taipei 101

Dimsum Din Tai Fung Taipei 101(1)

Yong Kang Beef Noodles: A place to enjoy the famous beef noodle specialty in Taipei. Go to Dong Men station, and walk to Yongkang Street and ask the directions.

Yongkang- beef noodle

YONG KANG BEEF NOODLE Taipei Taiwan beef noodles
Beef and beef tendon noodle soup

Mitsui Stand Up Sushi: Taipei’s best sushi restaurant, located in Taipei’s largest Addiction Aquatic seafood market. Sushi here is cheap, so delicious.

Mitsui Stand Up Sushi 2

Night markets: Enjoy the street food of Taipei such as Raohe, Ximending, Shilin…

Shilin-night market-taipei2
Shilin-night market
Grilled food at Shida Night Market, Taipei
Grilled food at Shida Night Market, Taipei
Huashi night market, Taipei1
Huashi night market

Shilin Night Market, Taipei (2)

Taipei blog: What to buy?

Pineapple Cake taiwan 2
Pineapple Cake. One of the most famous things to buy in Taiwan

There are many items that you can buy as gifts for your relatives and friends such as: Olong tea and Pouchong tea, Kim Mon peanut candy, sweet candy Nougat, Pineapple Cakes, Ceramics, Taipei Sun Cakes, Hsinchu Rice Noodles … We have listed a lot of souvenirs in Taiwan at here: Must buy souvenir in Taiwan — Top 17 most famous, cheap & best things to buy in Taiwan.

Oolong Tea Tie Guan Yin
Oolong Tea Tie Guan Yin. One of the must buy souvenir in Taiwan

Taipei travel blog: Some useful tips

Sim Card and 3G, Internet: You remember to buy sim card when you arrive at the airport. There are two types of 5 days and 7 days, depending on your itinerary that buy the appropriate package. Extremely easy to use, 3G signal is also very strong and used to transmit for mobile wifi.

3g sim taiwan

Currency Exchange: You should go to the bank near Taipei Main Station for exchange, the rates will be more secure and quicker than the exchange in the hotel or service in tourist area.

Rent a motorbike: It is best not to rent a motorbike because the price is very expensive and the traffic law is very strict.

rent motorbike taiwan