2018’s hottest honeymoon destinations

Food fans

Destination #1 Japan

Why go: The land of the Rising Sun is a gastronomic haven that packs cultural treasures and culinary experiences offering attractive spots for foodies looking for a post-wedding getaway. From high-class Michelin star restaurants, tiny standing bars and eateries to backstreet food stalls, Japan’s broad food palate has something for everyone.

What to do: Sample fresh local products, learn to prepare some classic dishes like sushi, view the exciting street festivals that take place in summer offering tasty food selections in small food stalls.

Osaka, famous as the kitchen of Japan and Kawagoe in Honshu Island has a vast array of mouth-watering street food specialities. Get some Japanese home cooking lessons in Kyoto – one of the most romantic destinations, make the local delicacies like soba noodles in Matsumoto, or customise your pancakes at Hiroshima.

Add-ons: Take a romantic walk in Kanazawa’s Kenrokuen Garden where plums and cherries blossom in spring. Stunning views of lakes, fountains and teahouses offer a breathtaking ambience to unwind.

Flight options: Emirates: Dh3,903 for Dubai-Tokyo return trip; Japan Airlines: Dh5,458, return

Flight duration: Approximately 9h15m

Accommodation: Cross Hotel Osaka from Dh793 per night, Asakusa View Hotel from Dh793 per night, Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto, Kyoto from Dh661 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Singapore

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Why go: The food paradise of the East, Singapore is famous for its diverse mix of Asian vividness and Western novelty offerings. A variety of cuisines are on offer for culinary enthusiasts to experience a delicious romantic break.

What to do: From Malay, Chinese and Thai to Indian and other multi-cultural cuisines there’s plenty to sample. Wander around the Malay village and get to know the stories behind each dish.

Chinatown is another stunning hot spot where you and your spouse can try out traditional cuisines, explore the heritage, cultural richness while checking out the markets, parks and shops. Little India is also a feast zone for foodies. The Holland Village hosts several local and international cuisines along with antiques and art. Pick your favourite ingredients and watch locals prepare a dish in front of you or take a cookery course on the different cooking styles of Singapore.

Add-ons: The destination also provides a shopping joyride, stunning beaches, cutting edge architecture, contemporary art, and dining options at remarkable hotels.

Flight options: Singapore Airlines, Dh1,857, return

Flight duration: approximately 7h35m

Accommodation: Six Senses Duxton, Chinatown from Dh892 per night, Changi Cove from Dh605 per night, Holiday Inn Express Singapore Clarke Quay from Dh616 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Vietnam

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Why go: From hands-on cooking classes, fresh food market visits to tasting delicious street food or tantalising fusion dishes, the gastronomic adventure of Vietnam is incredibly gratifying for food aficionados.

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What to do: When done visiting the well-preserved ancient town in Vietnam, Hoi An, where you can spot Buddhist temples and the Hoi An Museum of History and Culture, taste fresh seafood in serene settings of the beach; discover street restaurant cafes located in alleyways serving excellent Vietnamese cuisine. Tour the Cho Tan An food market to meet the locals and discover their culture.

The culinary adventure continues at Hanoi, where you can take a street-food tour, learn about local delicacies, markets, learn their eating habits, and view how locals live. Also, must see is the town of Hue – the home of imperial cuisine where you can experience dining like a king and even view how the royal meal is prepared.

Add-ons: Explore caves, rock climbing, scuba diving, watch the Water Puppets show or relax on pristine beaches.

Flight options: Emirates: Dh2,612 for Dubai-Ho Chi Minh City return trip.

Flight duration: approximately 7h30m

Accommodation: Hoi An Odyssey Hotel, Hoi An from Dh349 per night, Silverland Yen Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City from Dh395 per night, The Light Hotel, Hanoi from Dh330 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

R&R seekers

Destination #1 Goa

Why go: Goa is more than just sun-kissed beaches that make it a preferred honeymooner’s paradise. The place is also home to some of the best holistic zones and yoga retreats offering natural therapies to revitalise and detoxify the body.

What to do: A wellness honeymoon in Goa can never be out of fashion. Spoil yourselves with a romantic couple massage or unwind together in the tranquil and inviting environment where fun and relaxation go together.

From poolside yoga sessions, organic nourishing meals, or fun-filled holistic activities like meditation, Goa offers the ultimate wellness escape.

The add-ons: Watch the fascinating and hypnotic Bamanbudo, Harvalem and Dudhsagar waterfalls. Explore the lively beach shacks, watch the mangrove vegetation and rare bird species, enjoy romantic forest walks.

Flight options: Dubai-Goa return with a stopover in Bombay costs Dh826 with Spice Jet and Dh937 with Jet Airways.

Flight duration: approximately 9h15m

Accommodation: Earth Yoga Village, Palolem from Dh209-Dh363 per night, Ashiyana Yoga Resort Goa, Mandrem from Dh184-Dh734, Bamboo Yoga Retreat Goa, Patnem from Dh619-Dh781, Atithi Resort & Spa, Pokhara from Dh356 per night.

Destination #2 Bhutan

Why go: Solace, rest, recuperation, romance… Bhutan offers all this and more to newlyweds opting for a holistic wellness honeymoon. Glorious Himalayan mountain ranges, abundant spots of magnificent greenery, clean and fresh air, serenity and natural beauty combine to offer a perfect setting to spend time with your spouse.

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What to do: Several retreats across Bhutan offer various kinds of breathing and meditation workshops and yoga classes for those looking for a bit of exercise.

Do not miss to check out Bhutan’s mineral hot spring bath spots – best known for healing properties to rejuvenate your body, or go for the holistic Ayurveda treatments or a refreshing Bhutanese traditional hot stone bath for a life-enriching experience.

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The add-ons: Try out local cuisine. Retreats offer some of the best mouthwatering organic vegetarian meals. You can also do a bit for the community by undertaking projects like tree planting. Explore the place; there are plenty of ancient remote temples and villages. Go for a forest trek and indulge in birdspotting.

Flight options: Dubai-Delhi return costs Dh714 with IndiGo, – approximate 3h 20m. Delhi-Paro return with Drukair costs Dh2,309 – approximate 2h20m)

Accommodation: Zhiwa Ling Resort, Paro from Dh1,249, COMO Uma Paro from Dh2,108-Dh4,598, Terma Linca Resort & Spa, Thimphu from Dh793 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Portugal

Why go: Nourishing food, yoga, therapeutic massages, cycle-friendly pathways, magical villages with dramatic landscapes, lush green fields, fresh air and sunshine, all make Portugal’s serene environment a perfect choice for newly-marrieds looking for relaxation and wellness.

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What to do: Opt to learn a new activity like surfing as Portugal has some of the best surfing spots like Ericeira, Peniche, Espinho, Arrifana to entice active couples. Nutritious meal options are plenty like fresh seafood available at a variety of beach terrace eateries or Michelin star restaurants. Immerse in the hot springs or thermal hot springs that are famous for different therapeutic properties or pamper yourself and your partner visiting a spa for thalassotherapy or other marine-sourced treatments like spa mud, seaweed and sand treatments.

The add-ons: Go on a two-wheeler tour through pretty villages, beautiful mountains, riversides and castles in places like Algarve. Visit bustling markets of the Arab-Iberian world, historic town Lagos, Monte de Cima in the beautiful foothills of the Monchique mountains.

Flight options: Dubai-Lisbon return costs Dh2,795 with Emirates; Dh3,102 with TAP Air Portugal.

Flight duration: approximately 8h10m

Accommodation: Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat, Casal da Lagoa Seca from Dh 1,106, RIDE -Action Resort & Spa, Baleal from Dh594, Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort, Lagos from Dh1,666 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast

Eco warriors

Destination #1 Sri lanka

Why go: Sri Lanka escape is packed with a broad range of nature-friendly accommodations and activities surrounding the mesmerising green landscapes, breathtaking beaches, beautiful tea plantations and amazing spots for wildlife spotting.

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What to do: Take a cycle tour, bullock cart ride, or a boat or canoe to explore the country. Visit places like Sigiriya, Habarana, Ella, Dambulla, Yala, Mathugama, etc., and the sites of archaeological and cultural attractions including temples and fortresses. Experience the local lifestyle, interact with the native community including village vendors, fishermen and learn about their culture.

Participate in different workshops together at the eco-lodge, where you can learn to cook traditional food, try out a new craft like make a clay pot or even a ring for your partner. Taste the exotic local cuisine as these accommodations offer some of the best traditional food. Laze on the breathtaking beach surrounded by abundant greenery where amazing birds can be seen. Or watch turtles hatching on the sand.

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The add-ons: Go on a hike up mountains find some of the historical bungalows amidst plantations. Spot the jungle wildlife in Uda Walawe National Park, Yala National Park, and Mirissa where you can get a chance to view leopards, elephants, dolphins and whales.

Flight options: Dubai-Colombo return flights cost Dh1,232 with flydubai and Dh1,372 with SriLankan Airlines.

Flight duration: approximately 4h45m

Accommodation: Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge, Kandy (Tent) from Dh771 per night, Saraii Village, Tissamaharama (Superior Mud Chalet) from Dh253 per night, Kaju Green eco lodges, Galle from Dh399 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Nepal

Why go: Snow-packed mountain ranges, rich culture, ancient history, scenic beauty and bountiful flora and fauna are just some of the multiple attractions in Nepal for honeymooners.

What to do: Go on a hand-in-hand walk with your spouse around lakeside in Pokhara, be mesmerised by the scenic beauty of the place even if do not want to go for a mountain hike. Visit ancient historical sites, shrines like Bhimsen temple and historical attractions in Kathmandu valley. Go for a romantic boat ride at Phewa Tal – second largest lake in Nepal or visit Nagarkot to see the outstanding views of first rays of the sun falling on the Himalayan peaks.

Taste traditional cuisine, find out about local culture and lifestyle from natives.

The add-ons: The adventure types will find plenty of treks to keep themselves busy. Go wildlife-viewing at the Chitwan National Park.

Flight options: Dubai-Kathmandu return with flydubai costs Dh1,392 and Dh1,191 with Nepal Airlines.

Flight duration: approximately 4h15m

Accommodation: Thamel Eco Resort, Kathmandu from Dh172 per night, Annapurna Eco Village, Pokhara from Dh118 per night, Hotel Rhino Land, Sauraha from Dh44 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Jordan

Why go: Jordan has unique options like camping out in the desert, swimming in the clear warm waters and several adventure activities including exploring ancient monuments and tombs.

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What to do: Float in the Dead Sea known for its healing properties. Visit the Roman sites of Jerash, make trips to nature reserves that made several conservation achievements like captive breeding and re-introduction of the Arabian oryx, gazelle, and Nubian ibex. Tour Amman’s bustling street markets.

Explore nature reserves like the Ajloun and Dibeen Forest Reserve, Azraq Wetland Reserve, Dana Biosphere Reserve where you spot endangered species of sand cats, Syrian wolves and more.

The add-ons: The Wadi Mujib is home to a diverse range of indigenous fauna, flora, wildlife and birdlife; also offering hikers wet trails in reserve. A camel trek in the desert of Wadi Rum is worth it. See up close the exotic and diverse marine life of the Red Sea where even beginners can Scuba dive.

Flight options: Dubai-Amman return costs Dh1,212 with flydubai and Dh1,595 with Royal Jordanian:

Flight duration: approximately 3h15m

Hotel choices: Milky Way Ecolodge, Wadi Rum from Dh362 per night, Wadi Dana Eco-Camp, Dana from Dh274 per night, Feynan Ecolodge from Dh687 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

History fans

Destination #1 Morocco

Why go: Travel back into a bygone era in Morocco that holds some of the most outstanding legacies of historic places. This exotic city is a treat for history fans.

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What to do: The place delights history addicts with its fabulous structures such as the Bahai Palace, Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech, Marrakech Museum and Almoravid Koubba.

See the Jamaa el Fena Square transform into a medieval circus that brings in snake charmers, magicians, fortunetellers, musicians, storytellers, acrobats, monkey trainers, and entertainers that keep visitors amused. Walk through this crowded alleyway in the daytime to explore traditional bakeries, old lodging houses, herb sellers, wood works and workshops. There are plenty of places serving freshly-prepared local food.

The add-ons: Extend your trip to other imperial Moroccan cities – view old castles at El Hobouss, the Grand Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca, the Roman ruins of Volubilis at Meknes, and the Plaza de los Tenidores, the old and new medina and the Spanish Mosque in Fez.

Flight options: Dubai-Casablanca return with Emirates costs Dh2,014. Royal Air Maroc flies from Abu Dhabi to Marrakech with a stopover in Casablanca (12h5m) for Dh3,901, return.

Flight duration: approximately 8h 20m

Hotel choices: Idou Anfa Hôtel & Spa, Casablanca from Dh384 per night, Medina Gardens, Marrakech from Dh477 per night, L’Hotel Farah Marrakech from Dh256 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Egypt

Why go: Land of the legendary Pharaohs, Egypt, is packed with richness of olden times.

What to do: Visit the Cairo Museum to view ancient artefacts. Scan through the 13th-century oriental market, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where you can pick up gifts for your beloved and souvenirs of this memorable holiday.

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A trip to the legendary Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, the Solar Boat Museum that displays the reconstructed Khufu solar ship and the Step Pyramid of Zoser in Sakkara are a must. Fly to Luxor to view the natural landscape around the famous Valley of the Kings that contains tombs of many Egyptian pharaohs. Explore the Temples of Karnak and Luxor and the Abu Simbel temple complex.

The add-ons: Experience the sound and light show at Karnak temple and learn more about the history of the place at Luxor Museum and Karnak Open Air Museum. A cruise ride in the River Nile is mandatory.

Flight options: Dubai-Cairo return with Egypt Air costs Dh1,879.

Flight duration: approximately 3h30m

Hotel choices: Iberotel Luxor from Dh121 per night, Panorama Pyramids Inn, Giza, Cairo from Dh147 per night, Embrace Hotel, Luxor from Dh220 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Myanmar, (Burma)

Why go: From the unspoiled natural landscape to notable historic sites and ancient monuments of religious significance, Myanmar holds several places worth exploring.

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What to do: Stroll with your beloved around the ancient city of Bagan that houses numerous Buddhist monuments, including some magnificent and diverse pagodas. Also, a must see is the fabulous Shwedagon Pagoda Shwedagon Paya in Yangon – a pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists, and the Reclining Buddha of the Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda Sule Pagoda. Explore the vibrant markets along with Chinatown and Indiatown.

Take a walk up Mandalay Hill; experience the bygone era in Mandalay and Pyin U Lwin on horse and cart passing by small villages.

The add-ons: Trek through the scenic fields of the Shan Plateau. Head on to Pindaya Caves to view thousands of Buddha images from various eras in different styles and sizes. A walk along the picturesque Inle Lake is perfect.

Flight options: Dubai-Yangon return costs Dh2,627 with Emirates.

Flight duration: approximate 5h40m

Hotel choices: Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort, Bagan from Dh242 per night, Esperado Lakeview Hotel, Yangon from Dh234 per night, Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel from Dh256 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast view): Dh242, Esperado Lakeview Hotel, Yangon (Deluxe Twin Room): Dh234, Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel (Deluxe Room with Balcony): Dh256, [Per night – Breakfast included]

Adventure buffs

Destination #1 
Rajasthan, India

Why go: Beautiful landscape, romantic weather and the untamed wilderness make Rajasthan an ideal honeymoon destination.

What to do: At the Ranthambore National Park, find tigers, wild boars, deer, leopards and monkeys. Take a trip to the Ranthambore Fort that overlooks the park area. Take a hot air balloon ride to get an aerial view of the vibrant landscape of Rajasthan. A zip line tour at Mehrangarh fort is available too. Other spots to view include Jogi Mahal, Lakarda and Anantpura, Kachida Valley, Surwal Lake, Mansingh Sanctuary.

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The add-ons: Camping under the celestial wonders is a feast for the eyes, offering a most romantic experience with ideal campsites in the area being Damodra Village, The Serai in Jaisalmer and Sam village. Tour the pink city of Jaipur that boasts majestic palaces, historic forts, old temples and diverse range of shops from which to carry back some souvenirs.

Flight options: Dubai-Jaipur return costs Dh682 with Spice Jet and Dh761 with India Express.

Flight duration: approximately 3h15m

Hotel choices: Anuraga Palace, A Treehouse Palace Hotel from Dh230 per night, Regenta Resort Vanya Mahal from Dh205 per night, The Pugmark- Boutique Resort (Luxury Cottage) from Dh248. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Zambia, Southern Africa

Why go: Combine wilderness with romance at Zambia, where dramatic wildlife, awe-inspiring Victoria Falls and scenic grandeur, make it a romantic yet action-packed honeymoon destination.

What to do: View the astounding natural sight of a thunderous curtain of water at the mighty Victoria Falls. Go for a romantic cruise on the Zambezi River; try white water rafting too or a helicopter ride over the scenic Victoria Falls.

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Get close to wildlife at South Luangwa on a walking safari with an expert guide. Spot big cats and hippos at the Luangwa valley. The Lower Zambezi National Park has incredible wilderness, birds and beautiful sceneries.

The add-ons: Camp in the evening at the idyllic river-islands under the stars where you are surrounded by the sounds of the hippos and an occasional lion roaring. Options for guided canoeing trips, bush walks, fishing expeditions, river boarding and bungee jumps are available.

Flight options: Dubai-Lusaka return costs Dh2,954 with Emirates.

Flight duration: approximately 7h 10m

Hotel choices: The Victoria Falls Waterfront from Dh826 per night, Flatdog Lodge from Dh220 per night, Palmwood Lodge, Lusaka from Dh257 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Turkey

Why go: Turkey offers turquoise-clear seas, a romantic ambience, historical treasures to view and abundant options for adventure and sporting activities.

What to do: Dive down to the waters of Mediterranean seabed at Kas, where the sunken wreckage of the Dakota DC-3 aeroplane forms a playground for scuba divers seeking subaquatic adventures. The Algae-covered aircraft hosts diverse marine life including stingrays, loggerhead turtles, octopuses and much more.

Alacati, found on the Cesme Peninsula, is the best spot for wind-powered surfing enthusiasts.

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Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the fantastic Cappadocia. Take on a skydiving flight to get an aerial view of the historical footprint of Ephesus that has remnants of the Roman Empire and the remains of the Temple of Artemis.

The add-ons: Hike up the Pierre Loti hill to view the Golden Horn. Other hike trails include the Taurus Mountains, Via Egnatia, Lycian Trails, Kaçkar Mountains. Another hot spot is the Buyukada Island, where you can recreate classic romance by cycling along the island or touring it on a horse carriage.

Flight options: Dubai-Istanbul return costs Dh1,088 with Pegasus Airlines, Dh1,227 with flydubai and Dh2,038 with Turkish Airlines.

Flight duration: approximately 4h50m

Hotel choices: Kesre Hotel, Alacati from Dh214 per night, In Stone House, Cappadocia from Dh183 per night, Hideaway from Dh328 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Beach lovers

Destination #1 Malaysia

Why go: A diverse array of breathtaking island scenery, sandy beaches, exotic rainforests and exciting water sports make Malaysia a tropical paradise worth visiting.

What to do: Laze around at the dragon-shaped Tioman island, view the stunning beauty of mountain streams, go kayaking, surfing, jet-skiing, diving, or trekking through lush tropical jungles or rainforest.

The famous Pulau Langkawi provides breathtaking views of seven waterfalls, green paddy fields, and quaint, picturesque villages that will enchant you. Explore the underwater life at Pulau Payar Marine Park or the biggest aquarium – Underwater World Langkawi in Pantai Cenang.

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Add visits to more places in the trip – choose from Batu Ferringhi beach in Penang, Pangkor Island in Perak, Redang Island in Terengganu, Cameron Highlands, or the Mabul Island.

The add-ons: Eagle feeding, mangrove tour, cable car ride to the summit of Gunung Mat Cincang, jungle trekking and camping, historic site visits, bustling city life, shopping… Malaysia has lots to offer.

Flight options: Dubai-Kuala Lumpur-Langkawi return with Emirates costs Dh2,881.

Flight duration: approximately 13h5m

Hotel choices: Minang Cove Resort, Tioman Island Dh689 per night, including breakfast and dinner, Lot 33 Boutique Hotel, Pantai Cenang from Dh441 per night, Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La, Penang from Dh367 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Maldives

Why go: Dazzling in flawless natural beauty – blue waters, sheltered lagoons, vibrant marine life, crystal white sands, beautiful water bungalows – Maldives is an epic romantic honeymoon haven.

What to do: Go for exciting water sports activity like a snorkelling trip together. View gorgeous coral reefs, whale sharks and other precious marine creatures.

Explore a different island each day of your stay as Maldives has thousands of coral islands famous for their colourful reef fish, deep-sea fish, bright coral reefs and more. Get unmatched beautiful views of the remote inhabited islands and deserted beaches on a romantic cruise ride.

The add-ons: Enjoy fresh seafood barbecue, go for night fishing trip, do some bird watching, take a palm timber cruise ride or Baa Atoll seaplane flight from Malé over small atolls. Enjoy a couple of massages or traditional healing treatments. Visit fascinating places such as fishing villages, the national museum, art gallery or dine at Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant.

Flight options: Dubai-Male return costs Dh2,528 with Emirates.

Flight duration: approximately 4h10m

Hotel choices: Bandos Maldives, Male from Dh540 per night, Dhigali Maldives, Raa Atoll from Dh812 per night, Moodhu Inn, Ukulhas from Dh129 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Bali

Why go: A beach break in Bali is paradise for a couple. Plenty of romantic dining options with several beach hotels and restaurants are available a few footsteps away from the waves.

What to do: With several exotic beaches, Bali offers plenty of oceanfront action and water sports activities. Stunning Uluwatu coast is the best place to relax watching rolling waves and epic sunsets, while sipping cold tropical drinks. Ubud boasts lush jungle and beautiful waterfalls. Busy and bustling with famous party spots are Gili, Seminyak, and Canggu Islands that have numerous dining, nightlife options.

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Adventure seekers should head for a dive or snorkel with manta rays at Nusa Lembongan or take a bike ride or do yoga together at this destination. Hike the Nusa Penida Island or enjoy the luxurious surroundings of Nusa Dua that has extensive golf courses.

The add-ons: Visit La Brisa Beach Club in Canggu, La Laguna, The Lawn Canggu and Potato Head in Seminyak for a nice meal out. Enjoy beachfront barbecues at Jimbaran Bay or go for an epic sunset surf sessions at Medewi. A beautiful Bali jungle trip is a must to view the stunning waterfalls, rice fields, remote villages and of course a lot of shopping at the bustling markets.

Flight options: Dubai-Denpasar return costs Dh2,528 with Emirates.

Flight duration: approximately 9h15m

Hotel choices: Courtyard by Marriott Bali Seminyak Resort, Seminyak from Dh570 per night, The Haven Suites Bali Berawa, Canggu from Dh 682 per night, Kalapa Boutique Resort & Yoga, Canggu from Dh426 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

City addicts

Destination #1 Bangkok, Thailand

Why go: Discover the contrasting secrets of the city – from the pulsating nightlife, to awe-inspiring shrines, temples, museums and grand architecture.

What to do: The place is a shopper’s paradise. Enjoy the street food and tour the city. Glitzy malls like Siam Paragon, Asiatique and lively night markets such as the Chatuchak, Pratunam, Rot Fai Train Night Market have numerous shops, beautiful cafes and eating zones. Get the cosmopolitan feel of Bangkok at Patpong, famous for its nightlife. In contrast, there are temples and attractions like the Grand Palace highlighting the mix of Thai and European architecture, and temples like Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Suthat.

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The add-ons: For food lovers, Chinatown street food market is a place to relish authentic Thai cuisine. Also, take a trip to Asiatique Ferris Wheel for spectacular skyline views of the city.

Flight options: Dubai-Bangkok return costs Dh1,232 with flydubai; Dh1,895 with Emirates and Dh2,405 with Thai Airways.

Flight duration: approximately 6h40m

Hotel choices: Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok from Dh412 per night, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers from Dh534 per night, Fraser Suites Sukhumvit from Dh415 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #2 Paris, France

Why go: A romantic evening in Paris is a dream come true for any couple. Attractive architecture, incredible natural beauty, world famous man-made wonders and magical city attractions are magnets for couples.

What to do: Watch the panoramic view of the city from the famed Eiffel Tower – the height of romance. Dine at Le Jules Verne when visiting Eiffel Tower to enjoy a special meal together in the most romantic setting. View the Gothic masterpiece of Notre Dame Cathedral.

(© Shutterstock)

Visit The Louvre, the world’s largest museum and an architectural beauty, displaying a variety of artwork, including famous works like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Luxembourg Garden is also a romantic hotspot for couples with beautiful statues, fountains and flowerbeds.

Don’t forget a pic at the wall of ‘I Love You’s’ in Paris where ‘I love you’ is written in more than 250 languages. Experience a fairytale honeymoon at Disneyland. Watch the famous Moulin Rouge shows.

The add-ons: Walk and laze around the Ile Saint Louis, a romantic place on Seine River. Take a romantic boat tour around Paris. Taste French chocolates and pastries made by exceptional gastronomic artisans. Pamper your partner with gifts as Paris has plenty of shopping centres to explore.

Flight options: Dubai-Paris return costs Dh3,231 with Air France.

Flight duration: approximately 7h20m

Hotel choices: Ibis Paris Tour Eiffel, Cambronne from Dh709 per night, Best Western Le 18 Paris, Montmartre from Dh611 per night, Best Western Plus Hôtel Littéraire Marcel Aymé from Dh551 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.

Destination #3 Spain

Why go: This magical destination ideally blends all city elements – from urban city fun, to cultural and historical attractions, and natural scenic beauty to relax and unwind.

What to do: Urban nightlife treats at Madrid and Barcelona are perfect for all cosmopolitan couples.

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Visit Ibiza island, the Europe’s best party destination. Explore the romantic charm of old town Toledo while walking over cobbled streets.

Experience Victorian era royalty at Alicante visiting places like the Castle of Santa Barbara, El Palmeral Park, Explanada de España beach and relish its exciting eating scene.

The add-ons: Get flavours of the local cuisine in Spain like exquisite tapas of San Sebastián. Then explore mountainous terrain, black volcanic sands, pristine coastlines, stunning islands such as the Balearic and Canary Islands followed by some picturesque natural beauty at the glorious Costa Verde and Costa Galicia.

Flight options: Dubai-Madrid return costs Dh2,710 with Emirates.

Flight duration: approximately 7h50m

Hotel choices: Novotel Madrid Center, Madrid from Dh671 per night, Barceló Sants, Barcelona from Dh765 per night, Hotel Puerta America, Madrid from Dh752 per night. All rates inclusive of breakfast.