The Expat Guide to Moving to Vietnam

Do you enjoy experiencing every aspect of cultural diversity and traditional values? Are you interested in Asian cultures? Have you ever considered taking a lifelong journey in one of the many Asian countries, be blessed with exclusively delicious food and surround yourself by genuine people? If the answers are yes, then you have come to the right place this article is totally made for you (congratulations!)

Among all these beautiful countries with remarkable cultures, I would like to recommend that you choose Vietnam – a destination that will bring you and your family many surprises, amazingly delightful experiences, and inspire you as you make your way through every corner of each street. Here are some basic tips for you when you decide to visit or move to Vietnam.

With over more than 2000 years of historical development, the country possesses a spectrum of cultures and architectural works influenced by foreign countries such as France, China, Cambodia, America, etc. Even the locals sometimes are amazed by its diversity and hidden beauty, because anything one wishes to experience is included, from the ancient charming North to the sophisticated, yet vibrant and energetic South.


Where your family doesn’t have to worry of being threatened physically, or assaulted by strangers. War, terrorism, and religious conflicts are no longer major issues. Illegal drugs and guns are highly restricted, and rape and murder are totally rare. You should not feel insecure here, or expect the unexpected to happen, as Vietnam is safe.

Hospitable Locals

A place where locals are genuinely warm, hospitable and generous. This really shouldn’t be surprising since the previous wars have not had much impact on the younger generation. Most of them will express a welcoming attitude towards foreigners and they will probably know enough English to have basic conversations. Youngsters will be the nation’s future generation, and Vietnam is really on the right direction.

Inexpensive Cost of Living

Where the cost of living is comparatively low. Prepare and be ready to give yourself a treat because everything is surprisingly cheap! There exists various types of accommodations, and depending on your financial situation, you can easily find a suitable place to live. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy exquisite cuisines and signature dishes (for a low price, of course!) such as pho (Vietnamese noodles), banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), banh mi (Vietnamese bread), goi cuon (spring rolls) and so on…. Just simply try them and let your stomach be the judge!

Rich in Culture

Moving to Vietnam

Where you can be amazed by its long history and rich traditions. When mentioning about traditional festivals, it would be such a huge disappointment if we omit Tet holiday, or Vietnamese Lunar New Year – a kind of holiday that makes Vietnam unique. People celebrate Tet annually, with the main color marking the festivities red, which stands for fortune. This is a time for families, friends, and relatives to surround one other and be grateful for everything they have received, to worship one’s ancestors, and for children to receive lucky money.

Beautiful Landscapes

Moving to Vietnam

What’s more then? If these things are not enough, let’s talk about relaxing holidays and breathtaking landscapes! It’s a common fact that Vietnam is also famous for its gorgeous beaches, amazingly nice weather, and a diverse range of animal species. Imagine yourself lying on Nha Trang beach, listening to the relaxing sound of waves under the beautiful sunshine and drinking coconut water. How relaxing does that sound? Away from all the stresses of life. what a time to be alive!

Moving to Vietnam

Basically, what I can conclude here is that Vietnam is still developing. The government is trying its best to improve the standard of living and quality of life, to make sure the country becomes a much safer and cleaner area. Throughout the past, Vietnam and its people had to suffer quite a lot from wars and foreign invasions, one after the other. The country has only had its actual independence for just a little over 40 years, and this happened only because millions of honorable men and women sacrificed their lives for freedom. The people deserve respect and love and with an open mind, you can experience all that Vietnam has to offer – beautiful landscapes and beautiful people.

You will have such a wonderful experience once you move to Vietnam. Travelling here for a few days or weeks only gives you a tiny glimpse of what this beautiful country can offer. Let us know if you have any questions we can address in the comments below. Good luck!