Vietnam’s Top Three Cities for Digital Nomads

With more and more people moving their businesses online, the number of digital nomads is increasing drastically every year. Many decide to travel the world, work from remote places and have unforgettable experiences. To make all this a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a quick guide of the top three cities to visit if you are a digital nomad in Vietnam. Find the best places to stay, co-working spaces to meet like-minded businesspeople and coffee shops where you can chill out and get stuff done at the same time. Ready to start your life as a digital nomad in Vietnam? Let’s go!


Where to Stay in Hanoi

As a foreigner coming to Hanoi, there are three districts to consider. The first and most expensive is Tay Ho. This is where most expats live, and you’ll find high-quality western-style infrastructure including shops, restaurants, medical practices and schools.

Photo: Flickr @David McKelvey

Ba Dinh is more Vietnamese and consequently somewhat less expensive than Tay Ho. There you will find everything you need but in a more budget-friendly version. Dong Da is right next to Tay Ho and is almost 100% Vietnamese. Living there will give you a chance to make friends with Vietnamese neighbors and learn more about the real life of locals. And of course, it’s a good bit cheaper too.

Hanoi is one of top 3 perfect destination for nomad in Vietnam | Photo: Instagram @brightsidetrip 

For housing, you can easily find your own apartment in one of the city’s many fancy high-rises. Rent is quite manageable at around $850 for a one-bedroom or $1,000 for a two-bedroom place. Of course, you can do some bargain-hunting to find something even better or choose a more luxurious home if your bank account allows it. If you’re on a budget, you can share an apartment with others. Rooms usually run at around $200 depending on their size and the location.